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Nika Island is a piece of Maldivian history, one of the first islands in Ari Atoll to become a unique destination in the world. Nika Island is the heavenly island of our collective imagination. A platform where the typical concepts of Maldivian tradition and beauty blend with Italian culture. Nika is the island where nothing has changed. A place where you come to experience the Maldives of times past. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” wrote the English poet Keats – the beauty of Nika transcends any description. This island is suspended in time, immune to the dynamics of massive tourism that are redefining the Maldives today. An ambitious alchemical experiment, unrepeatable and totally successful, that has written an important chapter in the history of tourism in the Maldives.

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The Resort is located on Kudafolhudhoo Island, in Ari Atoll, a 25-minute seaplane ride from Malé. The arrival terminal is connected to the island, ensuring immediate access to the resort.


“Luxury” at Nika means walking barefoot all over the island: forget marbles and crystals of large international chains. At Nika, we prefer to walk in contact with the sand. “Luxury” at Nika is the freedom not to worry about dress code or your makeup, just like at home. “Luxury” at Nika is the silence of a private beach. “Luxury” the Nika is to reduce light pollution at night to the bare minimum, to admire the Milky Way and not to disturb turtles that lay their eggs on our beaches.
“Luxury” at Nika is to experience Maldivian tradition and culture, without giving up the comforts of high-class hotel services.
“Luxury” at Nika is to let time flow slowly, worry-free.


Nika has always preserved nature and culture in the Maldives: before converting into an iconic resort, the island was used by the community of the nearby islanders for growing fruit trees and for repairing Dhonis, the typical boats used by Maldivian fishermen.

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