“Lotus Spa” offers its services in 8 different cottages rising from a lagoon of water lilies. Like all buildings at Nika Island Resort and Spa, cottages are named after the most famous landmarks in Venice.



The word Ayurveda stems from two Sanskrit words: Ayu, which means life, and Veda, which means knowledge. Ayurveda’s main objective is nothing but a condition of perfect health for the individual, for society and for the environment, where every human being is inwardly and outwardly in harmony with the environment and the laws of nature. Ayurvedic massage provides relaxation, promotes blood flow, expels toxins and restores energy.



The founder of Thai massage and medicine is Shivago Komarpaj (Jīvaka Komarabhācca) who, according to Pali Buddhist Canon, is thought to have been the personal physician of the Buddha over 2500 years ago. Thai massage, just like Thai medicine in general, is a combination of cultural and traditional influences from Indian, Chinese and broadly speaking Southeast Asian medicine. Thai massage, herbal treatment and meditation are at the core of Thai medicine. The general purpose of traditional Thai massage is to achieve balance between body and soul through deep relaxation and at the same time an intense flow of vital energy. Aromatherapy is a massage. Reflexology, a natural healing art, is also known as reflex zone therapy and uses specific points on the soles of feet or palms of hands to influence certain organs and to treat disorders. Hot stone massage is a variation of the classic therapeutic massage, one of the oldest healing and relaxation methods. Four-hand massage is a therapeutic massage whereby two therapists work simultaneously to provide a synchronized massage.


Body Wrap and Sunburn Treatment, Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Sweeping Set, Facials with Fresh Fruit, Lymphatic Drainage, Honey Smoothing Face Mask, Facials for Men, Special Eye Care, Anti-Wrinkle Facials, Anti-Cellulite Treatment with Honey and Dead Sea Salts, Outdoor Massage Service.